Day 8 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale Word Count: 41,472 I got to write 1,377 words today of mostly dialogue! I finished Chapter Sixteen, and I am at what I feared, I don’t know what to do for the next chapter. I did manage to write my favorite bit of dialogue that I am definitely keeping later inContinue reading “Day 8 Update”

Day 5 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale Word Count: 38,220 My progress isn’t as great as yesterday, but I did just do one session that was roughly thirty-five minutes. I managed to write 432 words today and I got to Kellina meeting with Felix, a Tales who was with Roxie the night she got put in the hospital.Continue reading “Day 5 Update”

Writing Projects

The Swan Fairy Tale The Swan Fairy Tale is a young adult modern fantasy novel that is based in a fantastical place in Utah. It follows the protagonist, Kellina, who is allergic to magic despite possessing some form of magic herself. She tries to navigate around the hidden world, attempting to remain undiscovered and avoidingContinue reading “Writing Projects”