Day 23 Update

Wandering Affection Word Count: 6,250 Hello everyone, I am back to writing the second draft of my novella. I managed to write 683 words for the official story. The reason why I said that is because I sometimes write notes for myself past the story itself. Just an additional twenty today but I am countingContinue reading “Day 23 Update”

Day 21 Update

Globe Soup Short Story Word Count: 2001 I finished the short story, I am working on the second draft, and I reached my writing challenge of the day! I forgot to post this earlier in the day. Anyway I need to get some sleep, plan for a session tomorrow, three new players and one old,Continue reading “Day 21 Update”

Day 17 Update

Wandering Affection Word Count: 5,556 I am still in the first chapter of Wandering Affection and I spent a lot of time within the head of my protagonist, who I will call El. This is my second attempt to have a genderfluid protagonist, and I like writing a fantasy story with a self-discovery and romanceContinue reading “Day 17 Update”