Day 217

The Forsaken Tale Words: 91,781 (+328) Word isn’t even processing the amount I wrote, time to pull out the calculator. I am going to mess with the formatting in a bit so that this is single spaced instead of a mixture of double and single. Probably should get more into detail of magic in thisContinue reading “Day 217”

Day 213

The Forsaken Tale Words: 89,910 (+305) I just focused on editing today and I think I’ve done well with myself. In this scene rewrite I decided to make my protagonist realize something that should happen in about 2-3 chapters regarding her antagonist. Will she do anything with that information? Hopefully in the near future.

Day 212

Wandering Affection AU Words: 16,615 (+732) I finished up this scene and I was editing The Forsaken Tale and there wasn’t too much of a difference. Mostly focused on this given that it was something I could finish easily without nitpicking at editing. I hope I can get past this scene and add more intoContinue reading “Day 212”