Day 9 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale/The Forsaken Tale Word Count: 42,207 I have done it once more! I thought it would be different given that there are a couple of notes for Chapter Seventeen but I got to write 735 words today. I switched a scene where Kellina is with her cousin rather than in school immediatelyContinue reading “Day 9 Update”

Day 8 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale Word Count: 41,472 I got to write 1,377 words today of mostly dialogue! I finished Chapter Sixteen, and I am at what I feared, I don’t know what to do for the next chapter. I did manage to write my favorite bit of dialogue that I am definitely keeping later inContinue reading “Day 8 Update”

Day 7 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale Word Count: 40,095 I finally managed to get to 40k! I am still on Chapter Sixteen and I could finish it up today, but I’m taking some profound advice: stop where your momentum is so you don’t face writers block. I will be writing Chapter Seventeen by ear, seeing what elementsContinue reading “Day 7 Update”

Day 5 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale Word Count: 38,220 My progress isn’t as great as yesterday, but I did just do one session that was roughly thirty-five minutes. I managed to write 432 words today and I got to Kellina meeting with Felix, a Tales who was with Roxie the night she got put in the hospital.Continue reading “Day 5 Update”