Day 67 Update

Wandering Affection

Word Count: 30,427

I need to write this before heading to bed. I should say that despite the word count being roughly five thousand words over the first draft, the page number has doubled from the current draft. I am going to take it that I am not rambling, nor providing too much exposition besides the emotional state of some of the characters, along with any quips they have with one another.

Who am I kidding, I definitely was providing exposition. I still need to figure out how to deliver it without oppressing the reader with the details. Then again, the only reader is me given I will not have my family members read it even when they request it.

I’m sure other writers have experienced this before. I literally saw this on Tumblr the other day and I am happy I didn’t visit it today otherwise it would be buried under other posts I liked. I am unsure if my best friend would even like my writing given that the protagonist is genderfluid, I know she supports LGBTQ+, but I have not read a lot of gender nonconforming protagonists. I just hope I am representing them, and I know that if this is going to be published I need a sensitivity reader. That is far off in the future and ambitious even for me.

I will post the next update tomorrow. Stay hydrated folks and have a lovely timezone!

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