Day 1 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale

Word Count: 34,654

I managed to write 355 words today! I am honestly surprised that I managed to do this. Yesterday it was difficult for me to write even a hundred. I am happy that I even reached my goal.

The short scene I wrote today is just dialogue, but it is my favorite kind: bickering. Just two characters going at it, one of my characters, Dylan, is talking to my protagonist Kellina, over his fears of his girlfriend becoming distant. Specifically her not mentioning that she has made other friends even when there is evidence that she has been to other people’s houses as Roxie showed a picture to the two a cat lounging on a wooden floor named Purrfect (yes, a cat pun, I love them). It’s just one part of a scene in Chapter Fifteen of the work and I need to finish it after.

As per usual, stay hydrated. If I take at least one drink of water every time I post, you must drink some water as well.

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