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As I mentioned yesterday I was working outside. While I did not get all that I wanted out of the way, mainly starting a little too late in the day instead of early in the morning. I was doing some exercises after waking up later, and that is on me. I have to stop going to sleep late.

Above is a picture of what the front lawn looks like after the work I did with my mom. Trust me, it was much worse. As you can see in the picture, there is construction on the road we live on so we need to move everything up again for another lane to be made compared to what we had to do roughly three months ago.

There was a lot of tall grass by the larger rocks and the small rock trail. I tried to get some with the trimmer, but let’s just say me and the trimmer isn’t friends. My mom got the rest of it as I used a wheelbarrow to move the smaller rocks further up or just chuck them over the line into the trail.

Regardless, I think this was more of an exercise than me doing kettlebell swings and push presses. All I know is that I need to get stronger to do more than fifteen push ups. I need to go stretch again this morning because my biceps femoris and semiendinosus m. are killing me (yes I looked this up, I know nothing of anatomy). I was squatting for long periods of time on my toes.

Now I need to make another post about Day 2 and stay hydrated.

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