Day 17 Update

Wandering Affection

Word Count: 5,556

I am still in the first chapter of Wandering Affection and I spent a lot of time within the head of my protagonist, who I will call El. This is my second attempt to have a genderfluid protagonist, and I like writing a fantasy story with a self-discovery and romance subplot. Slowly I am incorporating mentions of what I expanded in a notebook I’ve been working off to the side for twenty minutes every other day. Such as including that El uses a pen name for their school’s magazine as the soulmate and magic expert, even though they have only been at it for a couple of years. As stated prior, self-discovery and romance subplots are there because they are interlinked with the characters themselves. I am trying not to have a myriad of characters in here, compared to The Forsaken Tale which will have a lot of side characters in the up coming chapters, but centralized with what is related.

Besides this, I think I said in a previous post about two weeks ago that there is a deuteragonist? I am going to say yes, I definitely did. If not, I am a filthy liar and you don’t have to read my musings anymore relating to the writing challenge and tracker I am doing on here. I haven’t done multiple point of view chapters in a few years. The last time I attempted to do that was roughly seven years ago and I found my USB was corrupted just when I was getting to the point where one of the characters was being blackmailed. Well that is the most recent memory that comes from it, perhaps it was something else.

Anyway, my other character who will have is spotlight soon, Atticus, is the opposite of El: extroverted, will take any and all opportunities to nap, constantly tricking people, wants to be famous, and willing to get into a mage fight with people, more often times winning since he is a strong combatant. I just really like this character and I am excited to finish chapter one to see his perspective. I have more content to add for him like with chapter one.

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