NaNoWriMo Stats Week 1

The Forsaken Tale
Word Count: 112,093 (+1,892)

Wandering Affection AU
Word Count: 40,104

Wandering Affection
Word Count: 93,810

I am almost done with one chapter for TFT. I plan on doing weekly updates for the stats, mostly to make it seem like I am writing a lot more than I should. I am somewhat disappointed that I was unable to write more this week, I took a few days off to draw, and I had a lovely time this week.

I went to a live event for the writers in my city. We all received a prompt of a well known novel and for the next ten minutes we had to create a new introduction to a novel or poem. I abhor my prompt and I was tempted to write something erotic but more than half of the writers there were older and I didn’t know if that was going to be in poor taste.

My prompt was that Raymond was thinking about a woman he never touched and I should have gone with my instincts rather than making this into a field day for a Boy’s Home group as he was looking at his coworker. I could have also made this into a sci-fi setting and this man named Raymond loves an NPC or a Player in a game.

Regardless I had fun and I dragged a friend of mine to the event. We both had fun and I am impressed that someone wrote about teenagers doing their chores and not complaining because there is a circus coming in town. We all had the same ten minutes to write and that sounded like a proper introduction.

One day I’ll get better at writing.

Anyway I might be getting close to my two chapter goal for this month as I am not even a fifth way toward my 10k goal. Let’s see if I hit them both!

Have a lovely timezone and stay hydrated everyone!

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